Dudley Peverill

Farm Diversification – Logistical Considerations

Logistics play a massive role in day to day farm operation and management. All to often things get in the way and hindsight rears its head. Interference and logistical conflict between enterprises is particularly problematic on farms, which have been historically designed with only agricultural usage in mind. Regardless of your diversification pain point, we are here to help.

These type of avoidable frustrations can cause loss of time, performance, stress and most importantly, cause health and safety concerns. When considering a farm diversification project, it is vital to prevent enterprise crossover and interference, causing potential issues and ensuring synergies where possible. We believe the following are important to consider before implementing an enterprise on your farm:

Will activity relating to the enterprise interrupt primary farming operations?

Where will the enterprise be located?

Are there areas idyllic areas with beautiful views on your farm? If so, leverage them! Location and placement of enterprises will have a large effect on their success. Keeping enterprises away from the farming operation is always preferable.

  • Is it suitable to the end use?
    • For example a good view, lending itself to glamping.
  • Is it in the immediate vicinity of a working yard?
    • Health & safety concerns
    • Pedestrians
    • Noise, smell, light and dust pollution

We believe utilising site surveys enables a clearer perspective on the possibilities of current and future aspirations.

How will the enterprise be accessed?

A shared access between many enterprises can cause delays and frustrations to time pressured farming operations.

  • Is access to the enterprise shared with the farm or other enterprises?
  • Can new accesses be made to prevent traffic issues?
  • Health & safety concerns
  • Signage

Is it worth organising a health and safety review to identify points of concern, to inform potential solutions.

What will be the car parking availability?

  • Is there sufficient space not only for current parking requirement, but also for future expansion?

We can assist you with this type of consideration, as part of our enterprise and wider diversification strategy

Is there access to utilities and power?

  • Can these be readily drawn or do they need installation?

Don’t let access to utilities be a barrier to entry, we can help advise you on all solutions, including off grid and renewable where possible.

Have you thought about security?

Security is not only important to your business and its assets, but your tenants also. Having high levels of security opens up opportunity to host a wide range of tenants. It is also important to protect yourself financially from the possibility of tenants not paying their rent.

  • Lockable units, areas or CCTV for tenant security?
  • Ability to prevent access to non paying tenants?

We have successfully provided security solutions on many diversification projects, which are vital for your peace of mind.

We have the practical experience to take these kinds of considerations into account when advising on farm, to ensure a successful, safe and worry free enterprise solution.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you in diversifying your farming business, please don’t hesitate to use our free diversification discovery assistant. Simply fill out the short questionnaire and receive an overview of our recommendations for appropriate diversifications suited to you and your farm.

Alternatively, get in touch, for a free initial consultation and make your diversification enterprise fly!