Dudley Peverill


“Having recently inherited a farm I was eager to sense check my plans for its future development and management. The team at Dudley Peverill were able to prove a fresh perspective on the options available, supporting and validating my own thoughts whilst also presenting some alternatives which I had not considered.”
J. Capener – Racecourse Farm
“We received a Strategic Estate Masterplan from Antony and Alex to help us realise our ambitions of operating a farm shop and retail operation on the estate. The strategic plan recognised the opportunities and challenges within our estate, and I was especially impressed by the subtle insights they gained from spending time with the estate team and I during their site visit.”
Mark Wood – Farm Manager – Clay Estates

“Alex and Antony are not only providing a much needed service in the bewildering world of farm diversification, their approach to doing so, we found thus far, is flawless. They assessed us with no preconceptions about our situation. We felt that DPA not only offered us a uniquely tailored combination of options, they also took into consideration our financial and geographical limitations alongside assessing our personality traits and the fact that, within the development, my husband and I will have contrasting strengths and weaknesses. 


We never felt that we were being given the “hard sell” on the direction we could take, nor did they sugar-coat our options or tell us that the journey was going to be without bumps in the road. Finally, Antony and Alex were able to add flesh to the bones of the service they provide by giving us the peace of mind of sharing their contacts with tried and tested subcontractors. We are still early in our project, but I feel much more confident embarking on our endeavour with the help and support of DPA with us.”

M. Hewetson-Brown & F. Hewetson-Brown –  Yew Tree Farm
“Dudley Peverill have been instrumental in efficiently providing the expertise and time which I lack in our day to day business with regards to our non-core activities. Enlisting their help has enabled desirable diversification concepts to be thoroughly explored using their knowledge and extensive contacts, meaning that momentum and productivity is maintained in our diversified enterprises which was previously difficult to guarantee.”
A. Randall – Randall Farms Ltd

“Dudley Peverill helped me create a strategy for my farming estate, which increased my understanding of diversification opportunities available. They helped me understand how best to tackle each project, to drive my business towards my end vision.”

J. Nicholson – AR Nicholson & Son
“The Diversification Discovery Assistant offers a useful insight, and certainly forms a platform for all farmers looking to diversify to assess what will work for them – regardless of the financial side of things … Very clever.”
 M. W – NFU Partner
“It was a pleasure to work with Dudley Peverill. They showed a deep knowledge of the sector alongside an energy and enthusiasm for all possible diversifications.”
 D. Rees – D Rees & Son
“Dudley Peverill have ensured the continual progress of our estate, without sacrificing its value as our home. We are particularly grateful for them being so “on it”!”
 C. v. E – Buckinghamshire Landowner

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