Dudley Peverill

How We Work

Dudley Peverill Associates offer comprehensive support in terms of strategic advice and project management to ensure the successful implementation of farm business diversification.


Initially, it is important to understand the current circumstances of our client’s rural business. This involves an in-depth analysis and advice surrounding site context, limitations, opportunities, and the alignment of client goals with stakeholders. Our bespoke Estate Masterplanning product forms the basis of our service, outlining opportunities and addressing challenges, enabling the strategic selection of projects in a way that aligns with the client’s holistic vision and requirements. Whether the goal involves increased profitability, succession facilitation, or a step back from agriculture, this fixed product affords our clients the ability to capture ways in which they can optimise their asset utilisation, providing a low-risk insight and introduction into how Dudley Peverill can help them realise their aspirations, and creating the foundations of a long-term relationship as project partners.


Our expertise in rural business and diversification strategy extends to proficiency in project management. Subject to the progression of a project being the appropriate means to realise a client’s objectives, Dudley Peverill acts on the client’s behalf to ensure projects are delivered on a satisfactory time, cost, and quality basis. Ongoing communication as project manager and client representative ensures our clients and their stakeholders are content with project progress and direction. Dudley Peverill’s project management service is structured around the RIBA Plan of Work model, an industry-recognised guidance model for the delivery of projects.  From conception to handover, Dudley Peverill will appoint and manage a project team, consisting only of tried and trusted professionals to deliver all that is involved within each work stage. 


Our relationship with clients doesn’t end there. Once a diversification enterprise is launched and the project is closed, we ensure continued support, communication, and advice are accessible where needed because a client’s ongoing success and relationship with us are of the utmost importance. Dudley Peverill strives to become a trusted, long-term advisor to clients.


We are independent advisors and project managers, separate from corporate entities and environments, enhancing our flexibility and ability to offer bespoke advice across all rural business diversification projects. Furthermore, this affords us the ability to appoint trusted project team members and professionals that are most suited to our clients and their projects. We are passionate about collaborating with great and effective professionals across the industry to benefit our clients.


An outline of our products, and services can be viewed below, including our representation of the RIBA Plan of Work and how we work with clients to deliver their aspirations across land, property, and enterprise investments.

Our Process

Standing Still

Investing in Your Wings

Testing Your Wings

Take a Leap


An essential first step for rural businesses seeking to diversify and optimise their asset utilisation, our standalone Estate Masterplanning product provides a comprehensive, high-level, holistic report, to equip decision makers with all the information they need to ensure they are making informed strategic decisions that will help them progress towards their objectives and visions. This product helps to identify the strategic definition of potential projects.


farm landOnce a project identified within our Estate Masterplan is an agreed means of achieving the clients requirements, objectives and vision, we begin compiling information relevant to the project, to inform the the brief, initial feasibility studies, project strategies and the assembly of a project team. This stage lays the foundations for the successful progression throughout the following stages of the project.

Once we have established a clear brief and the client project team, furnished them with the background information they require, we manage the creation of conceptual designs through the coordination and management of project design teams. Alongside this, we ensure feasibility, budgets and project strategies are updated to refine the accuracy of the project forecasts.

BudgetingWe manage and collaborate with the client, project team and design team to coordinate design development, manage costs and risks, and ensure regulatory compliance, through the submission of planning and licencing applications.


handshakeWe manage and collaborate with the client, project team, design team and other specialists to ensure that all aspects of the design are accurately documented and comply with relevant regulations. We continue to manage costs, budgets, feasibility, risks, and client communication while preparing the project for tender and construction. We oversee the preparation of tender documents, including drawings, specifications, and contracts, ensuring clarity and accuracy to facilitate the procurement process. We assist clients in selecting contractors through competitive tendering or negotiation, evaluating bids, and making recommendations. 


diggerWe oversee the implementation of the design, ensuring that construction and implementation activities align with the approved plans, specifications, and quality standards. Our responsibilities include contract administration, project management, and site supervision. We act as the primary point of contact between the client, contractors, and consultants, facilitating communication and resolving any issues that arise during implementation of the project, whether its construction and property, enterprise or natural capital based.

We oversee the completion of construction or implementation works, ensuring that all necessary inspections and commissioning activities are carried out to validate the functionality and safety of final outcome. We manage and coordinate the project team to ensure handover project documentation is issued to the client and ensure a smooth transition to occupancy or use.

How Is a Diversification Enterprise Set Up and Implemented?

We work closely with the client to assess how well the project meets its intended purpose and performance criteria. This involves gathering feedback and other key performance metrics. This enables us to identify any areas for improvement and lessons learned for future projects. We also provide ongoing support and advice to the client in managing the operation, ensuring continued performance and longevity.