Dudley Peverill

Farm Shops – Top 10 Legislative and Regulatory Requirements

So you’ve decided you want to start a farm shop. Perhaps you’ve even read our last blog post which helped you identify your opportunity for a retail diversification?

But what licensing and regulation must be in place before you can begin trading?  Read our top 10 below now!

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1. Surveys

  • It is likely you will require various surveys for a planning application. Most notable surveys include:
    • Environmental surveys
    • Flood risk assessments
    • Transport assessments

2. Planning Permission

  • It is very likely planning permission will be required to convert a building or erect your farm shop
  • Permitted development rights could be used if your holding is 5 hectares or more converting an existing building, subject to details and specification
  • Planning permission may also be required for roadside signage

3. Building Control Approval

  • Check with your local authorities building control department to ensure any requirements have been met

4. General Retail Licences

  • Registration or approval of the premises with the local authority
  • Labelling requirements

5. Food Hygiene and Safety

  • Registration with local authorities environmental safety department
  • Food Hygiene Certificate
  • The sale of raw meats and dairy attracts further food hygiene legislation to comply with

6. Health and Safety

  • The premises must comply with health and safety legislation
  • Health and safety reviews

7. Fire Safety

  • The premises must comply with fire safety legislation

8. Insurance

  • Public liability
  • Premises and goods
  • Goods in transit
  • Cash

9. Employment Legislation

  • PAYE
  • Employers liability
  • Recruitment
  • Terms of employment such as holiday, redundancies, dismissals etc

10. Food Waste Disposal

  • Disposal through licenced contractors

Other Important Requirements

  • Organic produce regulations
  • Farm tenancy agreement implications (if this applies)

Organising and applying for these licences and certification takes time and can be frustrating.

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