Dudley Peverill

Marketing Your Farm Diversification

Many farm diversifications are dependent on effective marketing to make them work. Regardless of whether your proposed enterprise is commercial, retail or hospitality, you’ll need to sell it to the consumer one way or another. A marketing strategy needs to be part of your business plan.

Read on for a brief insight into what to include when creating your marketing strategy and why.

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Is there a demand?

When considering a farm diversification, you must first ascertain whether there is demand for the product or service. Look locally and nationally. Is there a gap in the market? Who are the competitors?

For example, Innocent, the well know fruit smoothie brand used a creative and innovative strategy to determine demand for their product. In 1998, after 6 months of experimenting with their product, they set up a stand at a London music festival.  Above the stand stood a sign which read “‘Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these smoothies?”. Below the stand stood two bins, one with a “yes” on it, and the other with a “no”. Participants would drink their smoothies and dispose of the empty carton in whichever bin gave their response to the question. The result of this research lead to the three entrepreneurs resigning from their respective jobs the very next day.

Who is your target market?

Once you have decided on an enterprise, it is important to clarify exactly who your target market is. This must drive all decisions, to ensure the enterprise remains focused on the consumers that will engage with the product or service. Try to be as detailed and specific as possible.

What makes your offering different?

Differentiating your product or service will increase market penetration. You need to be sure that your offering is unique, or has a better perceived value than the competition.

How can you communicate with your target consumers?

In order to sell your product or service to the consumer, you need to position your brand in front of them. The more exposure the target consumers have to your offering, the better your brand recognition will become. Identify how, where and when you will communicate with your target audience. 

Rural marketing experts Hillsgreen have produced a great report on exactly this called “Marketing to Farmers Report 2021”. Pick up a copy for yourself here. Even if farmers are not your target consumer, it showcases the type of considerations to make when creating an online marketing strategy. Producing advertisements and content isn’t enough, if it isn’t reaching the right people.

Use the 4 questions above as a baseline for your marketing strategy and make sure your farm diversification is a success!

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