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Establishing Credibility

Whether or not you have established your diversified enterprise, marketing and sales are vital to its success. Consumers are more and more concerned with who they are buying from and why. As part of this and perhaps more importantly, how can you establish credibility for your brand and enterprise? Read on for an insight into how best to portray your brand, product and service.

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"About us"

Your “about us” page is a chance to tell your story and portray your brand in the way you want to. It is suggested that within a website, the “about us” page is one of the biggest converters. Multiple studies have found that an effective and informative “about us” page can boost credibility and therefore consumer engagement. This is because consumers can inform themselves with the facts of:

  • Who they are buying from
  • Why the product or service is the best value
  • Why your business does what it does

You should ensure your “about us” page is factual, specific and expresses your brand values to help build an empathetic connection with people. It can be very beneficial to visually show your brand and the people behind it. The “about us” page can also be a great place to showcase any awards, certifications and credentials… but more about these later!

Case studies

Similarly to the above, if you can prove the value of your product or service, a consumer is much more likely to engage with it. What better way to do this than provide case studies of how it has been a success in the real world. Case studies allow you to display your offering in a more tangible way, by physically showing how it solved someone’s pain point. They enable you to develop one of the most significant and difficult-to-come-by aspects of sales, trust and credibility. As a result, the case study becomes one of your most effective sales tools.


One of the reasons testimonials are so significant is that they allow your brand to have a deeper, more emotional appeal. When looking into the effects of testimonials on consumer engagement and sales, the positive impact becomes clear. In face, one study showed that consumer testimonials may help you make around 62% more sales not only from every customer, but also from each time they visit your business.

According to this same study, a further 88% of customers indicated they trusted online reviews equally as much as personal recommendations. Furthermore, 72% of respondents within this study felt that favourable reviews and testimonials increased their trust in a brand considerably.

Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from customers, people are often happy to share their experiences.

Awards, certifications and endorsements

Does your business have any awards, certificates or endorsements? If so, show them off! A study that investigated the value of business awards found that brands that displayed awards benefitted from a 37% increase in sales growth. This statistic demonstrates why business should be aiming for these achievements. However, this inevitably takes time, resources and plenty of effort.

Additionally, quality marks, from assurance schemes for example, can be an effective way of instilling confidence in consumers regarding both the quality and traceability of your product or services.

So, both awards and quality marks may improve your brand’s reputation and help you stand out from the crowd, but what might this look like?

A great example of an excellent “about us” page, showcasing multiple awards for their tremendous efforts is that of Knight Farm Shop’s. Take a look here.

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