Dudley Peverill

Top 2022 Consumer Trends

Like any business across any sector, it is important that farm diversification is targeted towards the consumer. Consumer trends continue to change, with a significant shift in focus being brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate change crisis and advances in digitalisation. To remain relevant and sustain sales, businesses must tailor their services to reflect the current needs and desires of the consumer.

What exactly are the 4 top 2022 consumer trends, and how can this be factored into a farm diversification?

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As a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic which plunged people into intermittent lockdowns and reduced their social activity, there has been a significant drive towards experienced based offerings. 

Because of this, businesses must create an immersive, personal and long lasting interaction with the consumer.  Enterprises must therefore market themselves towards consumers which are searching out bespoke, personal, engaging and meaningful experiences.

Delivering an experience can be a good way to increase percieved value of your offering, creating a premium product or service, which allows the potential for charging a premium price.

Creating an experience is important whatever your diversification may be. for example, a farm shop. Studies have shown that supermarkets are still (unsurprisingly) where most people purchase groceries and goods. Furthermore, the usual bullish rise in online shopping is another challenge facing local farm retailers. However, consumers are often found to visit farm shops not for the selection of produce they offer, but for the experience of buying locally or rurally. If you can create a pleasant and diverse visiting experience for them, they’ll likely be happy to pay a little more too!

Travel and Holidays

According to many sources, UK consumers are still hungry for holidays. 32% of Britons are saving for a holiday currently. It appears as though staycations are set to remain just as popular as last year, despite complete revocation of Covid regulations and measures.

As such, many will look towards rural areas, seeking to escape the more built up towns and cities in a trend similar to that of last year. With the UK holiday industry growing and recovering significantly since the start of the pandemic, there is continued scope for rural estates and farms to create high quality and intriguing getaway destinations, especially if they reside in tourist areas with a high level of natural beauty.

Fitness and Wellness

44% of UK consumers in a study carried out by Attest are trying to improve their fitness this year. Much like physical health, enhanced consumer attention has been seen towards mental health. Specifically, people are after experiences to take them away from their daily stressors, reconnecting them with the countryside. The same study by Attest indicated that this wellness drive must be reflected in brands. Likely due to current uncertainty, 37% of consumers want brands to be reassuring and motivating. Perhaps more poignant is the 48.5% who want brands to entertain them.

The new and emerging market opportunities for wellness breaks and fitness offerings could well be capitalised on by farms and rural estates, through diversifications allowing the consumer to reconnect and experience the rural landscapes.


It’s no surprise that farms, like most businesses cannot shy away from the increasing pressure to operate sustainably. Whilst the new Agricultural Transition Plan comprises of mainly environmentally beneficial schemes, farm diversifications should also present themselves as sustainable enterprises. This involves an increased attention from consumers as to where your energy comes from, where your produce comes from and the materials used. As such, positioning sustainability at the forefront of your brand may help when connecting your farm diversification with people.

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