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From 5 am on August 3rd to 5 am on August 4th 2023, the #FARM24 campaign is taking place. This digital campaign aims to highlight the great work British farmers do as the UK’s trusted producers of high-quality food and custodians of our beautiful countryside. The movement includes those working within the agricultural industry (not just farmers) and is targeted towards educating the general public and consumers about what day-to-day life is like for those involved in agriculture.

The campaign is led by Farmers Guardian and supported by Morrisons who are both encouraging those working in the industry to get involved for what they describe to be a “flagship campaign to highlight what a typical day in agriculture can look like and educate consumers on the incredible journey from field to fork“.

Want to join in?

Here at Dudley Peverill, we are keen to show our support of #FARM24, and are encouraging our clients past and present to do so too! To get involved and celebrate British farming yourself, post during the day using the hashtags #FARM24 and #DudleyPeverill so that we can share your posts.

FARM24 Pledge printout

At Dudley Peverill, we work hard to support our clients with their farming and rural businesses, by helping them achieve alternative income sources and wider opportunities. #FARM24 highlights the extraordinary work that goes on within the farming industry and we are delighted to be able to support farmers in realising their aspirations for a diversified business.

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