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Be Inspired – The Farm Business Innovation Show 2023 

Inspired by this year’s Farm Business Innovation Show, nestled within the undulating landscapes, lies a farm that echoes a symphony of innovation and sustainability. Meet the pioneers of agricultural diversification, where every nook and cranny tell a tale of evolution and forward-thinking practices.  

The Solar-Powered Sheep Haven  

At the heart of this progressive farm is the lowland sheep flock, cared for not just for meat and wool production, but as collaborators in a renewable energy venture. The sheep find respite and grazing beneath solar PV panels, whose dual purpose is to provide not only shade and protection but also to harness the power of the sun to generate electricity. 


This ingenious blend of animal welfare and sustainable energy generation showcases the farm’s commitment to eco-friendly practices while ensuring the comfort and well-being of its inhabitants, enhancing the enterprise’s performance.  



Battery Storage and Refrigeration: A Milk Revolution   

Beyond the meadows, the farm boasts a state-of-the-art battery storage system. Here, surplus solar energy is stored for later use, powering refrigeration units that maintain the freshness of one of the farm’s prized products, milk.


From sheep shelter to refrigeration, this cycle epitomizes self-sufficiency, ensuring that each drop of milk and cut of lamb dispensed from the farm’s vending machine is brimming with freshness and sustainability, something that the consumers can get behind.

From Cottages to Film Sets: Diverse Offerings

But this farm’s diversification doesn’t end there. It extends to the enchanting accommodation, starting from basic safari tents to luxury designer wooden cabins all booked online via Holiday Cottages.


The visitors needn’t be concerned when conditions become wet and muddy, as access is paved with 100% recycled plastic, rock solid sustainable paving, ensuring comfort and accessibility. So when rain stops the tractor wheels turning, the farm still welcomes paying visitors.


Each accommodation option offers a unique farm-stay experience, inviting guests to immerse themselves in nature and the British countryside while embracing the comforts of modernity and convenience. 

Lights, Camera, Action: Your Farm, a Cinematic Canvas

As the sun sets, between the hustle of harvest with tractors and combines, the farm takes on a new role – a picturesque film set. Its sprawling gardens, rustic barns, and captivating landscapes have attracted filmmakers seeking the perfect backdrop for their stories.

By leasing out its garden, grounds, and various scenic spots, the farm not only generates additional income but also shares its scenic beauty with the world through the lens of creativity and events.

In a world where sustainability and innovation intertwine, this farm stands as a beacon of possibility. From sheep shelters harvesting sunlight to film sets blossoming amidst greenery and arable crops, each facet symbolizes a step towards a more diversified, sustainable, and multifaceted UK agricultural future. 

This farm isn’t just cultivating crops and rearing livestock; it’s sowing the seeds of inspiration for a greener, more diverse #farmdiversification of tomorrow.

Does this sound too good to be true, or is it something you aspire to within your farming business or estate?

The above reflects the holistic nature of our work at Dudley Peverill, where we thrive by strategising and aiding our clients in creating diverse and resilient rural businesses.


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