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Dog Training Enterprise

dog training enterprise

One of our already heavily diversified clients have a successful dog training enterprise, run by a tenant. The increased footfall from this aids other enterprises within the farm, yet allows the farm owner to be positioned as a rent taker, without necessarily getting directly involved within the enterprise.


The dog training is a lucrative and enjoyable enterprise present on the farm, not only for the tenant, but the farm owner also, so much so that the tenant requested an expansion of rental facilities. This is likely due to Covid-19 and the surge seen in pet purchases throughout the various lockdowns.

Our Dog Training Solution

We set out to understand the requirements of both parties, created detailed budgets and reviewed the tenancy agreement. It was decided that a 3 acre plot of currently severed, poorer quality land could be utilised to support this request.


Due to Covid-19 and its volatile effect on material supply and cost the initial pen development proposal was altered slightly, to utilize metal clip-on fencing. This also offered more flexibility for future developments and was very cost effective.


Return on Investment

We relish the opportunity to offer advice and assistance to both existing and new clients on diversification enterprises whether they are already in operation or not, regardless of project size. This project allowed our client to increase his return on investment from an already proven and successful tenant. The tenants rural business has since been able to expand and thrive, which is pleasing to both the farm owner and us!

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