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Estate Woodland Driveway

Our work doesn’t always solely consist of the development of income-generating assets or enterprises. Holistic estate strategies must remain cognisant that the owners often reside on-farm, as well as other residents. Maintaining or enriching the amenity value of a farm or estate is a must for many of our clients and is often a highly emotive topic.


Due to infrastructure developments and other schemes, many farms and estates find themselves adversely affected, through severance, loss of land and the tainting of familiar views. In recent years, HS2 has been a significant source of issues such as these, playing havoc with not only farming operations but the enjoyment of farms and estates, often irreversibly.


Below is an example of how we helped to return some of a farm’s amenity value to the owners, who are closely affected by the HS2 development in Buckinghamshire.


Strategic New Farm Access Unlocks Diversification Opportunities

Our client had historically had the use of a beautiful avenue driveway, which held significant emotional and personal value to the family, providing a sense of arrival at their home. 


HS2 developments had meant that they would lose their drive access, leading to the family and private traffic having to use an alternative, longer and more commercial route. This access was shared by all traffic to the estate including agricultural. Understandably, this became more frustrating for the resident owners.

The Solution

Our solution to was to create a new trackway, connecting the old drive to the alternative access. Our concept was to route this new trackway through a wooded avenue, meaning it was in keeping with the original drive and extended the avenue effect.


Through managing this project we sourced all relevant permissions and contractors required to deliver the trackway to ensure a successful end result. The client now enjoys the use of a private estate driveway once more, in a way that is sympathetic to the rest of the estate and reconnects the family with their old avenue. Their sense of arrival and enjoyment has been reinstated and we continue to work closely with them on other developments on their estate.

At Dudley Peverill, we ensure that our client’s needs are met. Farm diversification and our involvement does not solely revolve around the hunt for profits and we understand that the maintenance and consolidation of family assets are just as important as reinventing the farm.


We work with landowners and farmers to develop tailored advice and strategies to help diversify their estate, increase resilience, income and asset value, whilst realising their visions and aspirations through property and enterprise investments.

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