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Separating Farm from Commercial Traffic

When we were contacted by a family run farm on the urban fringe in Buckinghamshire for some wider diversification strategy advice and consultancy, the most significant pain point was clearly evident as traffic and logistics. Although the farming family had already begun several successful diversification enterprises, prior to implementing a further one, we advised that this would exacerbate their trafficking issues on the farm.


We visited the site to find solutions to this issue with the following considerations in mind:


– Location of enterprises

– Access to enterprises
– Space for car parking
– The wider diversified business vision
– Areas of potential hazard

Originally, most enterprises were situated before the working farm yard. However, diversification enterprises required more space to expand, inevitably leading to the need to develop the rear of the yard. Tenants therefore had to travel through the farm yard, which we raised not only as a health and safety concern, but also as an obvious bottleneck to farming operations.


The solution proposed was the development of an orbital farm road, which would branch off prior to the farm yard, travel along the outside and then into the site at the rear of the yard. This ensured that traffic was kept away from the farming operation, ensuring safety to tenants, staff and visitors as well as unimpeded workflow.

The client, being an active farmer, was heavily involved in spring drilling and did not have the necessary time or resources to carry out development of the farm track. As such we set about approaching local, reputable contractors. After we met on site with our preferred shortlist of contractors, we discussed our preference with the client. 


We were then able to instruct works. We were very impressed by the efficacy and quality of works carried out by C.Putnam & Sons, who completed the development within a week of arriving, meeting our project deadline targets. This allowed our client piece of mind and the ability to remain sat on his tractor, sowing his spring crops in a timely fashion! The family have since stated that the farm feels “much less chaotic” and we continue our relationship with them, developing new diversification enterprises, without footfall restricting the wider business.

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