AEDDA’S Farm Distillery

AEDDA’S Farm Distillery Location Buckinghamshire Project Team: Planning Consultant – Edgars Transport Consultant – Paul Basham Associates Ecologist – Bernwood Ecology Designers – Peak Building Consultants Distillery Consultant – Malvern Spirits Vision and Objectives Adstockfields Farm, located near Buckingham, is one of Dudley Peverill’s longest-standing clients. Having made a transition towards regenerative farming and renewables, […]

Enterprise Stacking Explained

Enterprise Stacking Explained What is Enterprise Stacking? Enterprise Stacking means running several enterprises alongside one another, where the output of one production cycle contributes to the inputs of another.  In generative agriculture, this might mean that your free-range chickens graze on the aftermath of an arable crop; their waste is then used as fertiliser for […]

Five Lessons in Farming Diversification

Five Lessons in Farming Diversification Farm diversification comes with all sorts of challenges, pitfalls and opportunities. Having been there and done that, we can tell you from our own experience that you cannot avoid making mistakes and neither can you predict the future: rural businesses operate within a continually changing landscape in terms of the […]

Why project management is so integral to delivering grant applications

Embarking on a farm diversification journey requires meticulous planning and financial consideration. Farmers and landowners looking to diversify their operations can leverage various funding opportunities, including government support, regional initiatives, private partnerships, and community engagement, to access the diverse funding streams available.   As a project manager for various clients, the team at Dudley Peverill […]

Be Inspired – The Farm Business Innovation Show 2023 

Inspired by this year’s Farm Business Innovation Show, nestled within the undulating landscapes, lies a farm that echoes a symphony of innovation and sustainability. Meet the pioneers of agricultural diversification, where every nook and cranny tell a tale of evolution and forward-thinking practices.   The Solar-Powered Sheep Haven   At the heart of this progressive farm is […]

Government Initiates Consultation Including Agricultural Permitted Development Reform

In late July (2023) a public consultation was launched regarding proposed alterations to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015. The consultation seeks feedback on proposed adjustments to housing delivery via permitted development rights for change of use and certain permitted development rights that enable agricultural diversification and development on farms. The consultation […]

Business Plans – Tips from the Bank!

Steven Withers from Lloyd’s Bank discusses securing finance for your diversification project. We partnered up with Steven Withers from Lloyds Bank to discuss what it takes to create a comprehensive business plan and what information banks may need, to help you secure finance for your farm diversification projects. Read on to find out more… The […]

UK Government extends Camping Permitted Development Rights for Farmers and Rural Landowners

Off the back of an extensive consultation process, the UK government has extended the permitted development rights (PDRs) for camping and caravanning, increasing the allowed duration from 28 days to 60 days. During the previous (temporary and due to Covid-19 lockdowns) extension of the 28-day PDRs to 56 days, estimated an income of approximately […]