Dudley Peverill

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a unique consulting experience to farm and estate owners to deliver diversification, ensuring future prosperity, resilience, and enjoyment of their businesses.

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of tailored, independent advice and project management for business diversification solutions for our clients in the rural sector. We will empower farms and estates via the medium of diversification, to achieve their goals, foster resilience, and drive innovation and sustainable growth within the sector.

Our Values

1. Rural Innovation

We recognise the changing landscape of British agriculture and its policy, headlined by the gradual loss of the Basic Payment Scheme. We are committed to helping farms navigate this transition by providing solutions that ensure financial viability and sustainability beyond government support, ensuring farming businesses become price setters, not price takers.

3. Empowerment and Inclusivity

We believe in empowering younger generations and expanding opportunities for family business growth in rural and farming businesses. By facilitating diversification projects, we aim to create more employment opportunities and support succession. Our goal is to create solutions that work for all stakeholders.

5. Collaboration

Due to the all encompassing nature of rural business diversification, an increasingly wide skillset is required to ensure all projects are delivered on time, cost and quality. We ensure continuity and professionalism across everything we do to ensure we protect our clients from the associated risks of projects to the best of our abilities, by ensuring we work well with others. Our goal is to nurture effective and successful long-term relationships with both clients and wider professionals alike to deliver great outcomes for all.

2. Focused on Time, Cost and Quality

The three main KPIs of project management. We understand what it takes to deliver projects successfully on a time, cost, and quality basis. We understand the constraints many farming businesses experience, namely access to time and capital resources; therefore, our focus is on removing the barriers these constraints create, while also helping to alleviate them in the long term, through diversified solutions.

4. Environmental Responsibility

We are dedicated to promoting sustainability within rural and farming businesses. Our values include advocating for environmentally friendly approaches, promoting biodiversity, and minimizing the ecological footprint of development. We prioritize sustainable solutions that ensure the long-term environmental, social, and financial resilience.

6. Empathy and Honesty

Rural and farm business diversification typically involves a structural change in both the business, the asset and the family. We are cognisant of the sensitivities surrounding generational business and work hard to not only understand the situation of our clients, but also take pride in our ability to navigate sensitive and confidential matters. Our goal is to always provide a deeply personal consulting experience, grounded in trust, honesty, and integrity.