Dudley Peverill

Why Dudley Peverill?

The UK rural and agricultural sector has undergone significant change within the past decade, and the uncertainty remains ongoing. Rural businesses have had to adapt quicker than ever before, due to the loss of the Basic Payment Scheme, Brexit, increasingly volatile commodity markets, and fundamental changes in agricultural policy. Many farm and estate businesses are time and capital constrained, directly inhibiting their ability to innovate and deliver alternative revenue streams.


Dudley Peverill Associates are on hand to provide the complete rural business diversification solution. From the evaluation of limitations and opportunities through estate masterplanning, to project management from conception to final implementation, we are here to help. Rural businesses can focus on their core enterprises, secure in the knowledge that the diversification of their asset will be delivered successfully on a time, cost, and quality basis by our friendly, compassionate, and diligent team.

Barriers to farm diversification

Lack of Time 81%
Succession Planning Issues 88%
Finance 68%
Planning Restraints 79%
Knowledge Resource 88%

We want rural businesses to thrive. Optimum utilisation of land, property and enterprise assets is paramount to reducing risk and supporting the primary business through times of adversity, currently exacerbated by agricultural policy reform, volatile weather, and commodity markets. Our mission is to provide a unique consulting experience to farm and estate owners to deliver diversification, ensuring future prosperity, resilience, and enjoyment of their assets.

Diversification Discovery Assistant™

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