Lessons from Groundswell – Enterprise Stacking Isn’t Just About Regenerative Farming!

Whether it’s Gabe Brown or Joel Salatin, regenerative farming has always had a focus on “enterprise stacking”. This is the idea surrounding achieving higher sales and margins from the same area of land. Some might argue that in its most simple form, this is mixed farming… but the roots go deeper, as speakers at Groundswell […]

Is a Joint Venture the Answer to Deliver Your Farm Diversification?

Often times, when discussing diversification with farmers and rural business owners, we find the default is for them to consider the management and full investment obligation to fall on their already busy shoulders. Whilst remaining heavily involved in core business activity, adding further workload and resource requirement is understandably difficult to digest! This often results […]

Clarkson’s Farm 2 – 5 Key Takeaways for Farmers Looking into Farm Diversification

Warning – Contains Spoilers! Clarkson’s Farm 2 arrived on Amazon Prime on the 10th February 2023. This season has had great reviews from viewers and farmers alike. If you haven’t watched this new series of Clarkson’s hilarious antics and adventures in farming, we suggest doing so! The second season picks up where the first left […]

Farming Transformation Fund – Slurry Infrastructure Grant

The first application round for the Slurry Infrastructure Grant is now open ( as of 6th December 2022) and will remain open until 31st January 2023. With increasing scrutiny and attention towards the farming industry surrounding pollution caused by poor slurry management, there is now more pressure than ever placed on farmers to ensure good […]

Rural England Prosperity Fund – Levelling Up the Rural Economy

The Rural England Prosperity Fund (REPF), is described by DEFRA as a complementary top-up to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. The REPF appears to be a successor of the LEADER or Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) which will be familiar to many. The REPF fund was released by DEFRA to function alongside the existing […]

What are the major concerns facing British farmers today?

Harvest, yields, field fires, drought, markets, winter drilling campaigns, input prices, and so on. Farmers’ minds are currently occupied with major events, processes and decision-making synonymous with this time of and the current climate. Speaking with others within the industry and reading through farming press, it appears as though these issues are at the forefront […]

What can you do to limit the impact of rising temperatures on your farm?

This week we saw field fires in multiple counties across the UK. This unprecedented heat seen throughout the UK has brought to light the growing impact of climate change on our countryside. It has become increasingly clear that, while these are currently exceptional circumstances, they will eventually turn into yearly occurrences, as we have seen […]

Added Value Grant – A New Opportunity

As we have often discussed, the funding of farm diversification projects appears to be a significant obstacle for many farm businesses. Many diversification projects require large amounts of capital expenditure. The current market volatility and soaring input costs place UK farmers in a position where they face larger than ever, looming operational costs. Having a […]

Class R Permitted Development

Many farms have outdated, redundant or underutilised buildings, originally constructed for the purpose of serving the agricultural enterprise. Technological advancements and changing circumstance often creates the scenario where a particular building is no longer fit for agricultural use. Sound familiar? Could these buildings be put to a better use, generating increased income, cashflow and extending […]